Drag Dangerzone: A Drag Open Mic, Marla Mania! Thurs Apr 19th!

Drag Dangerzone: A Drag Open Mic is BACK and it's all about Marla Darling, one of our lovely hosts and birthday girl!
It's MARLA MANIA! // Crush Bar // 9pm // 21+ // $5 // Thur Apr 19th
Special guest host from The Land of Chunky: Prince Peanutbutter!

Our cast this month:

Drag Dangerzone Thurs April 15th Marla Mania

1 Prince Peanutbutter (guest host)
2 Miss Aurora
3 Marla Darling
4 Alexandra Paris
5 Dexie Sinstre
6 Wolfgang X
7 Monticia-Licious
8 Judy
9 Ida Summer Garden
10 Nae Nae Dominatrix
11 Loretta Goodlord Child

Watch drag in all forms where you can sign up and be part of the show! Try something new/try a new character/try something different/improv/new acts and MORE! Cast list is full but you can always message Aurora Diane Owen or Carol Gates for more info! And make sure to like us on Facebook!

Raffle winner Katy Seibel


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