Children get your houses in order! We're gonna have a ball...
Portland style!!
So dust off those wigs and heels that you only pull out for the occasional Halloween shindig you "butch queen"... It's time for you to walk the runway!

Old Boys Club + The Eagle PDX present...

A Night of
DJ's / Dancing/ Trophies / Ca$h prize$ / Realness/Glory (Holes)

Hosted by
Chanticleer Tru

Hold My Hand
Little Bear

Celebutante Judges
Miracles Club- House Music Dynamos
Daniel Borgen- Mr. In the Know at PQ Monthly
Michael Shaw Talley- Eagle Sweetie and Mother of Love Ball

Ball 11pm-12Am
Dancing and Debauchery All Night!!
Party Peeps and Houses will strut down the runway to present the best looks in the following categories:

∆ Blue Collar Drag∆
Huntee... This Bish can work all day, fix your car, and rebuild your back deck, all before it's time to sit down and watch Drag Race...
Give me: Overalls, Coveralls, Powertools, Tool Belts, Hardhats, and Uniforms. Greasy, Dirty, Sexy, Real.

∆Fixed Gear in Heels∆
This Queen is literally turning it for days and days (that's how she gets around). The epitome of "Portland Realness", she looks good in plaid, knows how to work a "Bins" look, and isn't afraid of a little glitter. He really knows how to grind my gears...
Give me: Flannel, Knit Hats, Salvaged Sweaters, Old Skool Tees, Vests, Shiny Tops, Your Mothers Blouse, 80's Garb, Acid Wash Anything, Fanny Packs, Glitter Beards, Gutter Punk Glam, Spikes, Sneaks, Creeps, and top it off with a pair of heels! Don't forget your bike lock... and the glitter!

∆Femme Fatale∆
Come on Sister Tuna... Fish is on the menu tonight, because that's exactly what we want you to serve! A category for Ladies, Lady Boi's, Fierce Queens, and Androgynous Antics.
You know who you are and Grrrrrl your look is OVAH!
Give me: Femme, Lipstick, Eyelashes, Face, Body, High Drag, Low Drag, Skag Drag, Sparkles, Feathers, Stilettos, Costumery, Show Girl, Lady Assasin, Sex Siren, and everything in between...

∆Rooster Rock Realness∆
Do I even need to teach the children? You know what this means....
Give me: Short Shorts, Skank Tanks, Daisy Dukes, Birthday Suits, Flip Flops, Beach Towels, Fold Up Chairs, Sunglasses, Beach Hair, Sand, Sex, and Nudity! (I love this category)

Trophies will be awarded in each category plus a grand prize trophy to the " Best House" plus cash prize!!

SIgn up to win a prize!
SIgn up in a group and name your house! (House of Ridick!)
Sign up by yourself! ( because yes... you are THAT fierce!)
Just sign up bitches!

Advance sign up at:

*Include House/Individual names
*Category/Categories of each walker
*Have fun with this!


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