Jupiter Hotel

91% love it
Get A Room. No, really.
Jupiter's modern, clean design and its location right next to the popular Douglas Fir lounge makes it a good destination for those who like to party all night and crash next door. The hotel also offers deals, including a Luv package (your choice of nice or naughty), room specials after midnight, a Concert package, corporate rates, and group rates.


    • JupiterLily
      JupiterLily Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best Home on the Road a Girl Could Ask For!

    • loungelvr
      loungelvr Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love This Place!
      I have booked a room here every time I've visited Portland. I've never had a problem with noise (stay on the "chill" side) abd the location is great. Not to mention easy access to Doug Fir for a quick nightcap.

    • Phaze1
      Phaze1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Staff, Fun And Very Friendly, Close to Downtown... I will book a room at the Jupiter Every time I go to Portland

    • jeanbessette
      jeanbessette Over a year ago
      Hates it

      you do not want to go there
      1. The AC in my room was very noisy and inefficient; they had to provide me with a ventilator (more noise) 2. Room was very small for an HOTEL 3. You are more like a MOTEL than an Hotel and you do not show that on your Internet site 4, Wi-Fi was always cutting off or we were unable to connect I had to connect on the neighbors Wi-Fi, and I have seen many customer running around on the balcony to try to find the signal 5. When I made the reservation I was not told that you would have two VERY NOISY events in the center of the rooms, I had to leave my room because of the noise 6. The toilet sink was so low, every time I would brush my teeth’s, water would spill on me 7. The was no ice on your Ice machine 8, I left a commentary note and as I can see nobody show it to you, how can you improve....