Marinepolis Sushi Land

100% love it
Sushi everywhere!
This popular Oregon and Washington sushi brand serves up the freshest of the sea's best.
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      GLENNWITH2NS Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cheap Conveyor Belt Sushi Never Tasted so Good!
      If you never tried Sushi or if You are looking for some fresh made Sushi and, you don't know what to order off the menu, here is my advice, Look No Further! This cute little restaurant has a Conveyor belt that reminds me of the little Duck Pond game at the carnivals, It runs along by your table and you just simply pick whatever looks tasty up off the belt and it's yours to eat. the dishes range from $1 to $3 per plate, For about $6 or $7 dollars, I kid you not, you will have an assortment of sushi buffet and leave this place Full! It's fun, easy to get to and Delicious, My kind of place for Lunch or a quick snack. LOVE IT!