Hawks PDX (Closed Temporarily)

74% love it
GayCities Members report that Hawks PDX is temporarily closed, let us know if it has re-opened
Late night mischief
New club in town with Steam Room, Sauna, Shower, Slings, Gloryholes, Maze, video lounge, free pool. Front counter offers full range of supplies and soft drinks/juices. Patio is 420-friendly, and events include regular Bisexual Nights, Bear & Cub Events and more.


    • bottomguy61
      bottomguy61 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place!
      Great place to have fun. The men that go there for one reason and they get it (or get it). Clean and nice staff. It is a safe place to visit.

    • AllAboutPeter
      AllAboutPeter Over a year ago

      Three visits
      I've been to Hawks three times now, with a wide range of experiences. This is not unlike other bathhouses I've been to, because it's a roll of the dice -- sometimes it's busy, sometimes it's not; sometimes you find the right dude (or multiple dudes) sometimes you don't. My best experience involved the upstairs sling room, where two studs were going at it and I was invited to join the action. Another time I met a horny guy who invited me to his room to demonstrate his oral skills. The other time the place was nearly empty, and except for a little fondling nothing happened and there was no climax to the evening. The place is well laid out, with a variety of areas of opportunity. I'm guessing the best time may be weekends from midnight to 2 am (after the bars close). I'll test that theory soon.

      I read some clown's comment that this is not a bathouse,hahaha..apparently they work there,it is a fucking bathouse,nothing worng with that,the other choice in PDX is Steam(shitty attitude,we think we are a NYC BH)so when the chips are down,like cruising the bars,is all about luck....But I will say that Hawks has a friendly attitude,whereas steam leaves a lot to be desired,also Steam is small,ha sno private bathrooms.no place where you can play unless you geta room,also they are out of the way,instead Hawks is centrally located,easy in and out..over all I prefer Hawks.Steam has a lot of gimmicks because they are part of a national corporation,but they dont deliver,at Hawks you get what you get,,and I have gaotten plenty.Dont support the Gay Mafia at steam,if nothing else go to Taboo....Steam does not deserve or earn your money.

    • WestCoastLover
      WestCoastLover Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Tell the truth
      I am not sure who some of the negative reviewers are, but I think they went to the wrong club. First off, this place IS NOT a bath house. It doesn't advertise itself as a full service bath house. It is a sex club with some bath house amenities like a steam room and showers. The rooms are small, but too small to lay down in?? Really? Are you a 9 foot tall giant? or Jabba the Hutt? Lose some weight fat ass. This place has had its share of drug problems, but they have made a strong effort to eliminate these types from their regular customers. The staff is incredibly friendly and the Sunday barbecues are meant to bring the community together not for you to get your rocks off. If that is what you want at these events have at it!

    • QualityControl
      QualityControl Over a year ago
      Hates it

      TimdPup is on Staff at Hawks?
      So, TimdPup, how long have you been on Staff at Hawks? This "review" is full of the very same overblown exaggerations you see on Hawks website. He even uses some of the same syntax and vocabulary. I wonder if all the "positive review" about this place were also written by staff Members. I am not on Staff at Hawks. I have actually been to this place - several times. I have gone at different times and on different days. The actual experience I have seen are radically different from what TimDPup is describing. This place is BORING. I have never ever seen anyone having "hot times". The only reason the "faint of heart" should avoid this place is because they will FALL ASLEEP from boredom. I have personally observed a significant number of men who appear to have substantial drug issues. Meth users with all the enamel eroded off their teeth do not make for "hot times". A previous reviewers comments about this not being a gay bath house are far more accurate and far more realistic. Many of the rooms are the size of a closet. They are so small, you have to literally leave the door open if you need space to "thrust". Unless you plan on having sex in the public hallways, there are few other places to do anything in the very limited space in this club. This is not a place you want to go if you want to have a good time!

    • timdpup
      timdpup Over a year ago
      Loves it

      clear intent
      When you go into hawks you can tell from the layout and friendly, sexy staff that you are in a bathhouse and you cannot ignore your reasons. This doesn't pretend to be a spa or hotel; it's a place to fuck with some areas for hot scenes. The rooms are big enough for fucking, not sleeping. This isn't for the feint of heart, and caters very nicely to the fetish and kink guys. The sauna and steam room offer a great way to relax. Some other commenter was bitching because they're too lazy to take a look around: there are public toilet spaces for those into that (smart design on Hawks' part: a lot of guys are), but there are also two other bathrooms right beside the showers with toilets, sinks, and mirrors. I used one to douche before having a fantastic time there during a RubberZone party where I got a free month of porn just for coming. Hawks' really is great, just not for everybody.

    • HarleyDaddy
      HarleyDaddy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Phone booth Sized Rooms. Indifferent Sanitation
      The actual bathhouse bears little similarity to the experience described on the web site. Potential visitors need to understand that this is not your typical bathhouse. The "rooms' if you can call them that, are substantially smaller than any other bath house you have ever been in. There is no place to even lay down in most of the private rooms. You rent a "room" and get a space slightly larger than a shower cubicle to stand up in. Next to it is a raised area about 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. The spaces are so incredibly cramped it is not physically possible for two human beings to do much in them. There are also no sheets on any of these little mattresses/pads - Since they are made out of textured vinyl, I wonder if it is even possible to effectively sanitize them between patrons.. I was there for what was called a "Sunday Afternoon Barbeque and Tea Dance". This consisted of a plate of discount burger patties, and a 2 pound container of potato salad. There was nothing else going on during this "special event". There are so many significant "Issues' with this property, I cannot recommend it to any potential guest. There is not even a hot tub in this "bath house".

    • Gayinportland
      Gayinportland Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Horribly small, creepy staff, boring.
      Club is small, usually dead, and the guy who checked me in was a total creep. Doesn't even have a hot tub, which is probably a first for me in years. You're better off going to Steam. Nicer place, not nearly as dead.

    • weezy69
      weezy69 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice place but not much action and somebody shit in the shower
      I was hesitant to visit this place based on the reviews promoting barebacking. I thought I would check it out anyways as it looked pretty nice on the website. The staff was courteous, the place was clean and the steam room and dry sauna were very high tech, new and modern. My night got ruined though because of one bad incident. Somebody took a shit in the shower. The smell was awful. The staff were quick to clean it but acted like it was no big deal. Maybe this is the kind of place where people are into shit play I don't know. After cleaning it still smelled and I asked them if they would clean it again, they did and seemed to do a good job but the sight of shit in the shower just turned me off for the night. Also there just didn't seem to be much action going on. It seemed people had left after the whole shit incident as not long after it seemed pretty empty even on a Saturday night. Anyways, it might just be a one off so I might consider giving them another chance.

    • jasonut29
      jasonut29 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ok but not great
      Visited here in May and although we had a fun time with a guy, the facility itself was disappointing. We travel alot and have had alot of great experiences in bath house....Portland was not one of those places!

    • boysdaddy
      boysdaddy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      i like hawks
      i like hawks thier friendly,helpfull,flirty ,sexy staff are into the scene so you feel comfortable.and the setup is great.theres lots of dark little nooks to get friendly in.and i love the sun deck.i can get a little sun on my lily white ass.please come around noon ,i will be waiting for you on the deck,say hi ok?

    • wyoguyrebel
      wyoguyrebel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New to this!
      I had been to the other steam/bath house in Portland once and thought I would try out Hawks. I like them both but I have say the staff at Hawks are exceptional. Although I really didn't find what I was looking for (not that there weren't some real hot guys) I still enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm just a little afraid to make forward advances. I wish they allowed a six pack of beer to be brought in, it would give me a little more courage. But I get why they don't allow it. I also wish they maybe had a (no towel rule), use of towels available for drying off but otherwise uncovered. I think that might get the blood flowing a little sooner. I was there 3 hours before I even seen a cock. Just towels walking in circles for a long time. Being from small town Wyoming its culture shock to me. And I know I need to be more outspoken about what I'm in to. It would probably get me more action. I would suggest a bulletin board where maybe guys could post there deepest desires with their room # or meeting spot in the facility. It might be an ice breaker. But I for one will definitely return.

    • chrislpdx
      chrislpdx Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not what Portland needs
      I was shocked that a club like this is open in 2012! Promoting barebacking is irresponsible to any business in this day and age. The layout of the club is... not well planned with so many dead ends, and the open toilets? Really? I dont want people watching me as I do my business or prep for a hot man (which I didn't find). Its more of a seedy sex club from the 80's than a hot modern club it could have been. And the staff engaging in activities with the customers while on duty, so not professional. Now that we have a few options here, I'd skip this one!

    • redstache9
      redstache9 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Loved this place - a MAN'S alternative
      Have been a couple times now to Hawks PDX, and really vibe on the place. Super masculine atmosphere, love the old-school feel with wood and chains and metal and stuff. Not sterile and cold at all, and the counter guys were all cool as well. Loved the two slings with mirrors, and the steam sauna that had windows so I could look out or other guys could see in - same with the dry steam room. Place is new, so I know folks are just discovering it, but mix of guys is nice. Young, old, bears, slim, working class, and lots of typical Portland men (tatts, scruff, cool vibe). Liked that they didn't police everyone like some overzealous clubs, but there were condoms and safe sex info all around as well. Good range of supplies as well (including Crisco!) and lots of soft drinks and fruit juices and such. Recommended!