Cricket Cafe

100% love it
Hangover cures galore
Cricket is a reliably yummy breakfast/lunch spot where you can indulge on American comfort classics. Sundays will draw a crowd for their brunch menu and cocktails!


    • Myrazen
      Myrazen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Greasy hipster, anyone?
      It helps I live 4 blocks from the place and I love most everything on their menu. Their liquid breakfasts are tasty and I think they put crack in their biscuits and gravy. But sometimes the waitstaff could care less that you've been waiting half an hour for them to bus a table. The place is small, the wait can be long, the crowd is colorful with all their expensive tattoos, and the food hits the spot.

    • Tad
      Tad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Breakfast and Lunch on SE Belmont
      Fantastic food, friendly service, sizable portions in the neighborhood where gay, straight and queer mix with ease.